Bundesliga Travel

10 Feb

Welcome to DBUK’s Travel Section!

Each week, starting soon, we’ll be bringing you a recommended Bundesliga Weekender.

Our trips will cover the whole of Germany from Bavaria to North Rhine-Westphalia, and Berlin to Hamburg.

The recommendations that we  make will simply be that – recommendations. Of course we’d like for you to take our word and enjoy your trip to the fullest, but things may or may not work out. Our guides remain rough so that  you can pick and choose the bits you like and the bits you don’t.

We aim to show how easy and cheap a weekend to watch some great football, drink great bear and eat great wurst can be. And they’re just the stereotypes. Germans are very friendly and from our experience always look to help a lost or confused tourist.

We’ll give flight info and accommodation advice as well as how to travel when you’re there, and of course information on the stadiums you want to visit, tickets, and where to wet your whistle!

We hope you enjoy reading our travel guide and hope they make you want to go. Trust us, it’s worth it.


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