Bundesliga Bibliography

15 Jul


This new feature is designed to bring some of the best Bundesliga related chat to your, and our, attention. Over the course of the season and beyond we’ll be listing and linking our favourite articles from a whole range of authors – from Uli Hesse to Raphael Honigstein – in order to ultimately create a detailed bibliography of pieces that may otherwise get lost in time.

We’re hoping authors’ll be able to use it as a point of reference, readers’ll be able to use it to further their perusing pleasure and Bundesliga newcomers’ll be able to extend their knowledge.

What we’d like is for our readers to contribute too – by commenting below with a link. We’ll whack it straight up to the main post. So if you’ve read – or written – a stunner, get in touch here! I’ll start with a couple of my favourites from July so far:

July 2011

Kit Holden – The Oddities of East Berlin: A Football Culture Like No Other

Writing for the fantastic ‘Fanatic’, the undeniably talented Kit Holden gets to grips with the cultural and political peculiarities that plagued ‘Ossi’ football and specifically that of East Berlin.

Uli Hesse – Fifty plus one of a Kind

Author or Tor! – a book I’d recommend a million times over – Uli Hesse goes about dispelling common myths and misconceptions of the 50+1 rule whilst detailing Martin Kind’s (MD of Hannover 96) changing crusade against the ownership rule of the Bundesliga.

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